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We affirm the common humanity, the equal worth and integrity of all ethnicities, races, genders or gender non-conforming individuals, classes, abilities, sexual orientations, religious convictions or traditions, or any other characteristic which may be used to divide and to discriminate. These affirmations are expressed through inherent rights that are promised to all, but are often denied to some.

We dismantle oppressive systems by protecting those being harmed and building institutions that support everyone. We acknowledge our oppressive histories, discriminatory law enforcement, and classist economic systems. We build new systems based on inclusivity, sharing, peacebuilding and equal care for all.

We unequivocally defend justice. We defend democratic institutions. We protect peoples’ right to feel safe expressing their identity. We defend bodily autonomy.

We support free religious and spiritual expression. We work to end racial discrimination and injustice. We ground these commitments in a powerful love, starting within ourselves and moving out into the world around us.

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