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Identity Crisis Ukraine

By Ruth Ann Angus
September 26, 2023

We all want to know who we are, where we came from. This is evident in all the interest in and DNA tests. Even though we who were born in the United States can say we are Americans, our interest in our forebears is keen. When the war in Ukraine broke out, I saw the name of a city in the western section of that country that matched the name of the city in…

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John Cobb’s Meeting with PFJ and Central Coast EcoCiv Members on January 12, 2022

By Mike Egglestone
January 20, 2022

Where does one start? Dr. John Cobb at age 96 is probably the world’s preeminent process philosopher, a pioneering eco-theologian, author of over 50 books, and the co-founder and still guiding light of The Center for Process Studies, Pando Populus, and the Institute for Ecological Civilization. Born in Japan, residing in California, he might be called a rock star in modern China where he helps to coordinate 23 centers of the Institute for Postmodern Development…

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Take Ecological Hope Wherever It May Be Found

By Rev. Mike Eggleston
January 9, 2022

Though the discussions in some ecologically minded groups that I attend say that “we have to do it ourselves, because governments and technologies, international conferences and business won’t help in time on climate change…” I still look for eco-hope wherever it might be found. In December of 2022, two international conferences meet again. COP27 on climate change meets at Sharm el-Shiekh, Egypt; the second, COP15 on biological diversity, meets in Montreal. There is hope for…

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