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People of Faith for Justice brings together people from various backgrounds and faith traditions. We have differing views on the nature of God, but common to each of us is a commitment to justice. We hold that a moral imperative is built into the fabric of creation itself and that humankind has a responsibility to seek the well-being of all peoples and nations and the planet on which all life depends.

We often speak of well-being as “God’s shalom” or peace, and we recognize that its very foundation builds on a multitude of interdependent relationships that emerge in our shared commitment to social righteousness, justice, and peacemaking.

Of necessity, the general well-being of all creation requires that we find the proper balance between our needs and interests as individuals and the needs and interests of the community. With the needs of the community in mind, people of faith will inevitably find a bias in favor of the poor, the powerless, and the oppressed.

We structure our vision around and channel our work through the Four Pillars.

People of Faith for Justice Board Members
Ruth Ann Angus
Ruth Ann Angus is a 36-year resident of Morro Bay, California and is a writer/journalist and professional photographer who has published in local, regional, and national publications. She is Director of Yes We Can Peacebuilders, the nonviolence educational arm of People of Faith for Justice, and holds workshops, discussion groups, and special educational programs for adults and youth groups in San Luis Obispo County. Ruth Ann is a 17-year member of the Rotary Club of Morro Bay and a 27-year member of the Education and Outreach Committee of the Morro Bay National Estuary Program.
Rev. Mike Eggleston
Rev. Mike Eggleston is a United Methodist clergy, retired to Los Osos since 2013 after pastoring seven churches. He pastored ten years in Santa Maria and seven in Los Osos, also serving for one year in retirement as part-time pastor of environmental ministries in a Los Osos Church. He has been a member of Peace with Justice and Church and Society teams in the California-Pacific teams in the California-Pacific Conference of United Methodism. He is also an active member of the Earthcare Team at St Benedict’s Episcopal Church in Los Osos, and the Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization. For fun, Mike docents at Montaña de Oro State Park, gardens, and sings in several choirs.
Margaret Fertschneider
Somewhere about jr. high school age, I got interested in social justice issues. That interest continued to grow as I became an adult and I have always sought ways to make that part of my discipleship as a United Methodist. My most fulfilling activities in the church were when I was Conference Coordinator of Peace with Justice. After serving in that capacity, I served as Mission Coordinator for Social Action for the United Methodist Women on both the District and Annual Conference levels. I am always looking for new challenges.
The Rev. Dr. Richard Kurrasch
The Rev. Dr. Richard Kurrasch is a minister with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has served churches in the Upper Midwest and Southern California; following forty years of pastoral work, he and his wife, Ann Marie, moved from Los Angeles to Arroyo Grande. Rich has always emphasized the social justice implications of the Gospel and he continues that same emphasis in this more concentrated, interfaith setting. Rich and Ann Marie have always enjoyed the outdoors, their interests adapting to seasons and geography. These days they have replaced venturing into the cold Pacific with kayaking on a nearby lake.
The Rev. Jim Neilson, Board Member Emeritus
The Rev. Jim Neilson is a retired Presbyterian minister. He played a major role in the early organizing stages of Central Coast Clergy for Justice, which is now known as People of Faith for Justice. He served on the Board from the beginning because he believed the Central Coast needed a strong progressive religious voice (ecumenical and interfaith) to counteract the outrageous charges and actions of many on the religious right, especially when hatred, injustice, bigotry, intolerance, and indifference are espoused and demonstrated. Recently, Jim retired from active service on the PFJ Board, and was graced with the title “Board Member Emeritus” for his long many years of service.
Gina Whitaker
Gina Whitaker is a member of the Unitarian Universalists SLO County, and has been a UU for the last 62 years. She has lived on the Central Coast for the last 43. She has served on the board of People of Faith for Justice for nearly 20 years. She believes interfaith work has helped her become more open to and accepting of other faith traditions. One of her favorite definitions of social justice is "finding out what belongs to whom, and then giving it back!" Gina has two sons, Josh and Justice, who live in Salinas and Brooklyn respectively; she is retired and lives in Arroyo Grande with her husband, Ken Hill.
Bob Wolf
Bob Wolf is a retired Cal Poly math professor. He has been an environmental activist for many decades. He was a founding member of the anti-nuke Abalone Alliance and the Concerned Cal Poly Faculty and Staff (the Cocoa Puffs). He spent ten years on the board of ECOSLO, and seven months as its interim director. Currently, he is active with the Citizens Climate Lobby and the Social Action Committee of Congregation Beth David, as well as People of Faith for Justice. In his spare time, Bob participates in a dizzying array of frivolous pursuits: ping pong, tennis, disc golf, chess, backgammon, go, piano, hand drums, foreign languages, and more.
Among Our Donors
Atascadero United Methodist Church
Central Coast Friends Meeting (Quakers)
Congregation Beth David
First Presbyterian Church – San Luis Obispo
Trinity United Methodist – Los Osos
Unitarian Universalists San Luis Obispo
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