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Nonviolence, Compassion, Generosity,
Respect for Diversity
Our Mission

People of Faith for Justice is an interfaith alliance that seeks to influence public discourse and to enhance our quality of life through ongoing education and strategic advocacy.

Our Work is Based on Four Pillars
About People of Faith for Justice

People of Faith for Justice brings together people from various backgrounds and faith traditions. We have differing views on the nature of God, but common to each of us is a commitment to justice. We hold that a moral imperative is built into the fabric of creation itself and that humankind has a responsibility to seek the well-being of all peoples and nations and the planet on which all life depends.

We often speak of well-being as “God’s shalom” or peace, and we recognize that its very foundation builds on a multitude of interdependent relationships that emerge in our shared commitment to social righteousness, justice, and peacemaking.

Of necessity, the general well-being of all creation requires that we find the proper balance between our needs and interests as individuals and the needs and interests of the community. With the needs of the community in mind, people of faith will inevitably find a bias in favor of the poor, the powerless, and the oppressed.

We structure our vision around and channel our work through the Four Pillars described above.

PFJ partners with the Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization

The Central Coast Center for Ecological Civilization is dedicated to educating the public on the concepts of a global ecological civilization and encourages participation in projects that build such a society.

PFJ partners with Yes We Can Peacebuilders

Yes We Can Peacebuilders is dedicated to the education of individuals and communities on the path to nonviolence so as to inspire and engage people to make nonviolent living a part of their everyday lives.

Upcoming Events

Opening Doors of Interfaith Understanding

Hosted by: SLO Ministerial Association and People of Faith for JusticeHow: In-person and onlineWhere: Subscribe to the People of Faith for Justice Newsletter for the meeting location and program each month - ,

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